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Arialink Introduces Fiber Optic Network in Ann Arbor


Arialink Introduces Fiber Optic Network in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI – Tiny fiber optic fibers are big news again in Ann Arbor. These fibers provide internet communication at the speed of light—the fastest in the world—for local businesses, corporate headquarters and schools. Lansing-based Arialink, Mid-Michigan’s largest fiber optic internet provider, announces the addition of 30 miles of fiber to their Washtenaw County network today, enabling Ann Arbor businesses to connect to the Internet over a direct fiber optic connection.

This framework, spanning nearly 600 miles across multiple Michigan cities, represents never-before seen levels of bandwidth, speed and security. Providing connectivity to small and large businesses, data centers, school districts and government users, Arialink is supercharging the way customers communicate. This service relies on light pulses along fiber optic lines, proven to be faster, more durable, and longer-lasting than the heavy copper lines of yesterday.

“This is a victory for Michigan businesses, schools and hospitals that need more than slow service and low quality at artificially high rates,” said Jason Schreiber Arialink CEO. “We knew going up against the big telecom companies would be tough when we started in 2003, but it’s been worth the work: Every new mile of growth is another mile of businesses with faster speeds, local tech support and access to tomorrow’s technology.”

This month, Arialink hires Ann Arbor-based connectivity specialist, Bill Lockwood to run its local business development operations. With twenty years of experience developing and planning telecommunications strategies for Michigan businesses, the longtime Ann Arbor resident is devoted to connecting Washtenaw County businesses to the world at the speed of light.

Growth is happening near their Lansing headquarters as well: Arialink built an additional 80 miles of fiber in the Greater Lansing area, hired 5 new employees and is connecting roughly 15-20 new business to their fiber network each month.


Established in 2003, Arialink is Mid-Michigan’s largest provider of high speed fiber optic internet and phone service. With nearly 600 miles of fiber webbing the center of the state, Arialink offers speed-of-light service and direct fiber optic peering to major Internet hubs in Chicago and Washington DC.

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