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AboveNet to Provide High Bandwidth Services to Connect TrustComm to Major Oil and Gas Companies in H


AboveNet to Provide High Bandwidth Services to Connect TrustComm to Major Oil and Gas Companies in H

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., April 6, 2011 – AboveNet, Inc. (NYSE:ABVT), a leading provider of high bandwidth connectivity solutions, today announced it is providing fiber optic services to connect TrustComm, Inc. with the many leading oil and gas companies in Houston, Texas that link to the African continent via TrustComm satellite.

AboveNet’s diverse fiber paths installed at TrustComm’s Houston teleport facilities can now provide significant fiber capabilities from the TrustComm Network Center to the head offices of the major operators in Houston.  With many of the world’s oil and gas companies headquartered in Houston, Texas, the need for robust data delivery to foreign operations has become mission critical.

TrustComm’s teleport is comprised of 12 antenna systems ranging from 4.5M to 13M and can deliver services to customers in C-, Ku, Ka and X-band. TrustComm’s Network Center has satellite visibility for the entire United States including Alaska, Canada, the

Gulf of Mexico, Central and South America, Europe; Africa and portions of the Middle East.

TrustComm’s self-owned and operated global NOC and teleport reside on Ellington Joint Reserve Base. The Base has been designed as a joint task force facility, and will be home to all area National Guard units. The Base is also the site of various NASA operations and is adjacent to NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The site is entirely secure with multiple protection devices and is patrolled 24/7 by military police. The proximity of these military and aerospace operations furnishes TrustComm’s facility with a level ofsecurity unmatched in the industry. TrustComm’s NOC and teleport include redundant, diversely routed, high-speed fiber connections and back-ups.

In 2010, TrustComm began designing satellite solutions specifically for Africa, adding to its Trusted Network portfolio. TrustComm has dedicated a 13 meter antenna at its Houston teleport in order to provide a wide range of fully managed solutions to and from the Americas and Africa.

“To extend our network reach here in the U.S., we sought out a partner whose philosophy for delivering highly reliable, managed services met ours, and we selected AboveNet,” said Robert Kubbernus, president and chief operating officer of TrustComm Inc. “Integrating AboveNet as a service partner into our portfolio sharply improves our network reach, performance, and ability to provide global door to door services.”

This new service offers clients one of the industry’s most robust end-to-end fiber and satellite integrated networks available. Benefits for TrustComm customers will be significant. Among them, latency will be reduced as a result of delivering services directly from Africa to Houston, and network security will be enhanced by reducing the number of foreign countries customer’s data must travel through in order to reach its final destination.

“As major corporations deploy enhanced software solutions across their networks, we are pleased to provide our significant fiber assets to enable a direct line approach from West Africa into TrustComm’s Houston Network Center,” said John "Joc" Jacquay ,senior vice president of sales and marketing at AboveNet.

About AboveNet, Inc.

AboveNet, Inc. provides high bandwidth connectivity solutions for business and carriers. Its private optical network delivers key network and IP services in and among top U.S. and European markets. AboveNet's network is widely used in demanding markets such as financial services, media, health care, retail and government.

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