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Arialink Celebrates 400th Mile of Fiber in Greater Lansing


Arialink Celebrates 400th Mile of Fiber in Greater Lansing

Tiny fiber optic fibers are making a huge impact in the Greater Lansing area. These fibers represent internet communication at the speed of light—the fastest in the world—for local businesses, corporate headquarters and schools. Arialink, Mid-Michigan’s largest fiber optic internet provider, built this framework of hundreds of miles to provide never-before seen levels of bandwidth, speed and security. Arialink lights their 400th mile of fiber in the Greater Lansing Area at Bailey Community Center in East Lansing at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, October 25.

“Every eighteen months, the bandwidth internet demands of business to keep up with technology doubles. The old copper lines in use lack the capacity we need, but new fiber has just begun to show what it can do.” said Jason Schreiber, Arialink CEO. “We’re rebuilding the entire framework of telecom in Greater Lansing—for speed we need today and will definitely need tomorrow.”

High speed fiber optic internet has been a critical element in attracting and keeping business in the Greater Lansing area, as well as a major educational asset. Thirteen new technical fiber businesses have signed on in East Lansing in part due to fiber availability, and is the internet carrier of choice for the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) in East Lansing. Liquid Web, TechSmith Corporation, Delta Dental, Jackson National Life and Accident Fund are examples of corporate HQ customers that rely on secure, high speed fiber each day. Lansing’s school districts are connected with high speed fiber, as are Lansing Community College and Michigan State University.

“Providing the most advanced tools to local business is critical. Cutting-edge technology helps keep Michigan competitive in the new global economy,” said Senator Gretchen Whitmer. “Our schools, colleges and universities benefit from this asset as well. Educational opportunities we provide our students today help them become stronger leaders, thinkers and workers tomorrow.”

This announcement is especially timely, as it comes on the heels of Greater Lansing’s community-wide effort to win Google’s competition for high speed fiber optic cable installation and service. Arialink’s 400 miles equates to nearly 38 percent of the distance of same fiber technology that would be supplied by Google.

Celebrating three years of profitability and growth, Arialink plans to hire five new employees by the end of 2010. With an additional 100 miles in various stages of production, they plan to build their 500th mile in 2011.

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