Zayo is committed to building environmental sustainability into all aspects of our business operations as we uphold our Environmental Statement.

Zayo strives to continually improve energy efficiency, energy conservation, and our mix of energy sources at company-operated buildings to enhance operations:

Zayo recognizes the importance of renewable sources of power to create a more resilient grid. We support green power through the purchase of renewable energy certificates and enrollment in utility sponsored green power programs.

  • Zayo purchased 86 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy certificates in our Illinois, Texas, and New Jersey markets and are now a certified EPA Green Power Partner, ranking on the Top 100 National list and the Top 30 in Tech and Telecom.
  • Our San Diego facilities are enrolled in SDG&E’s EcoChoice green power program, adding another 1 million kilowatt-hours of green power.
  • ~25% of Zayo’s total energy consumption is powered by renewable sources of energy.

In addition to switching to green power, Zayo focuses on conserving energy and improving PUE by investing in energy efficiency initiatives at our zColo data centers, including:

  • Upgrading to more efficient power and HVAC systems
  • Enhancing airflow
  • LED lighting retrofits
  • Operational efficiencies

Green Teams at our largest offices engage employees in office sustainability best practices for waste management, office energy and smart commuting initiatives:

  • Our Boulder headquarter office diversion rate (waste recycled or composted that would have otherwise gone to landfill) increased from 20 to 49 percent after six months of Green Team activity and is City of Boulder Zero Waste Compliant.
  • Our Denver office achieved certification through the City of Denver Certifiably Green program.
  • Over 180 employees participated internationally in Bike to Work Day 2018.
  • Over 500 employees participated in office waste and energy management training in 2018.

Environmental Sustainability Questions?

Email ESG@Zayo.com